Determining Manufacture Date By Serial Number

Most Motorola products follow the same serial number conventions. As such, this often enables you to determine the approximate manufacture date for a device.

The serial number convention follows the following general format:


Where 123 is an unique three digit code for each model series, where BC determines manufacture year and month respectively, and where 4567 is a unique four digit serial number for the device in question.

To determine the manufacture year and month, refer to the table below:

Second Letter Year Third Letter Month
A 1976/2000 A-B January
B 1977/2001 C-D February
C 1978/2002 E-F March
D 1979/2003 G-H April
E 1980/2004 J-K May
F 1981/2005 L-M June
G 1982/2006 N-P July
H 1983/2007 Q-R August
J 1984/2008 S-T September
K 1985/2009 U-V October
L 1986/2010 W-X November
M 1987/2011 Y-Z December
N 1988/2012    
P 1989/2013    
Q 1990/2014    
R 1991/2015    
S 1992/2016    
T 1993/2017    
U 1994/2018    
V 1995/2019    
W 1996/2020    
X 1997/2021    
Y 1998/2022    
Z 1999/2023