Non-R.I.C.K. Interface Cable

Well here's the scoop on the GM300's, M120's and M10's. The sheet says there is a difference between the 8 and 16 channel units. We'll try to describe both.

I know you can get all the right ins and outs but as you can see, they must be set up.

The plug that goes into the radio is as follows.

Looking from the rear of the radio (or plug), Pin 1 is upper right with pin 2 below, pin 16 being lower left. Top row is odd numbers, bottom row is even.

Based on the above information this is how the CROSS-CONNECTION between the radios should go!

**** CAUTION **** Check to see the programable outputs of the 16 pin connector prior to hooking up. Also, the 5 pin radios will not do this because you can't get COS and PTT outputs.

You might want to cut the jumper for the local spkrs - PIN 15/PIN 16

If you want to use DPL or CTCSS you will need to use shorting plugs or Gnd. the remote hook switch on the microphone.